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We became Advanced Refractory Technologies in December, 2005. Our facilities and personnel remain from the previous company, and we are now poised to serve you better than ever! We have nearly 30,000 square feet of storage and workspace at our Carnegie plant, including an overhead crane, two metered dry-out furnaces, two forklifts and a large inventory of Refractory materials. What sets us (and any successful company) apart are our personnel. Our plant  Manager, Danny Fehl, has over 31 years experience in the Refractory business, and can evaluate and perform most any installation. We have skilled and conscientious employees that make your project their priority and take great pride in a job well done.
From linings and pre-cast shapes for all applications, to sandblasting and dry-out , ART can handle any of your shop-based refractory needs.

If you'd like a quotation or more information, please contact us at (412)279-1455 or (412) 279-7103, or by e-mail